Kismet refit – Update 1

Dear sailing friends,
Can’t believe it! It’s already almost four months since Kismet entered the Pier 12 shipyard to be refitted.

Since then a lot has been accomplished and many items are already off the list, but the bulk of it is still ahead of us. We have received almost daily good and bad news (where bad = expensive), paid visit multiple times and even had the chance to do our modest share of work. We are confident that Kismet is in very capable hands and that she is taken good care of. Every time we receive a new picture or an update, we feel a little closer to the moment we will sail her again, when she will be back in the water looking more beautiful than ever!

Kismet at the Pier 12

Kismet inside Pier 12’s main shed

Kismet is currently on the hard inside one of Pier 12’s sheds. Her mast has been taken off and all the standing rigging has been checked for hidden cracks or aging problems using Liquid Penetrant Inspection.

Standing rigging test

Standing rigging after the test with a penetrating dye

The tests have shown that everything is in perfect shape except one of the main shroud turnbuckles, there are six of them in total, that needs to be replaced. It is partially cracked and the thread is damaged. Anyone has a good friend at Selden? We need one of these (part number  174-479-01) and I can tell you they are very expensive! We guarantee a special mention on this blog and in our next movies. 🙂


Next, the engine. Our Volvo Penta TAMD 41B and its HS1A gearbox have been completely overhauled and sent to an authorized shop to be checked and refitted as needed. We didn’t receive the final verdict from them yet, but from some pictures they shared we could see the injectors need some serious care, one valve appears to have some small dents in it and the oil pan is badly rusted. The engine was working perfectly by the way, just smoking a bit too much, but with more than 3000 hours on its shoulders we decided to have it checked properly. It will come back totally repainted as well and should shine like new at that point! Looking very much forward to that moment.

IMG_0083 IMG_0087 IMG_0082 IMG_0085

With the engine out, we could remove and check the propeller shaft and prepare to replace the old stuffing box with a new patented drip-less one by Rexmar we got know about at the Genova Boat Show. I turns out that propeller shaft has a small (few tenths of millimeter) dent where the original stuffing box was. Since the o-rings of the new one would fall exactly at the same spot, there is the risk the dent will make them drip, so we have decided to replace the whole shaft for a brand new one. More €€€, yeah!


Dent in the propeller shaft



Next in line was our Fischer Panda 6 PMS, which has been having over-heating problems since the last summer in Croatia. We had already replaced the fresh water pump, but the whole cooling circuit is dirty with a brownish mush that needs to be cleaned out. It is also missing a fresh-water expansion tank that should be standard. We opted to overhaul the genset as well and have it properly maintained off the boat.


Mushy genset


With it, also the low-pressure and high-pressure pumps for the water maker and the main sea-water pump have been removed and sent for servicing. The water heater has received a new heating element and should be a happy camper now. It was working fine but dripping just a bit.

Since we removed almost everything from it, the engine room appears pretty empty at the moment and will benefit soon from some serious cleaning before everything gets back in.

Speaking of bad surprises, it looks like some of the sea-cocks may be seized and many are showing sign of oxidation and corrosion. Kismet has 20+ of them and, honestly, we did not regularly move all of them as we should have done. We decided to not save money on anything safety related, so we are going for a full replacement of those we have even a minimum doubt about.


Seacock needing replacement


On the improvements side, we have been working on two major tasks. Number one, totally new navigational instruments with a more modern console at the steering pedestal and, number two, a stern roll bar with solar panels, wind generator and incorporated dinghy davits. Yes, Kismet goes green!

For the instruments we have looked at many possibilities and brands, like B&G, Simrad, Garmin, Furuno, Raymarine and many others. While at a certain point we had almost decided for Furuno, mostly known for their durability and use on working boats, we are finally making up our mind for Raymarine.

Their latest user interface and networking capabilities, together with iPad support via Wi-Fi and the versatile i70, have a clear appeal over the others. Here is the 3D rendering of the new console we are going to build.


New console at the steering pedestal


The wind instrument, a new smaller compass and another i70 will be on the transom above the companion way. The second autopilot control and a third i70 will be at the nav station in the galley. A plus is that the A95 can be controlled from an iPad anywhere on the boat, including changes to the autopilot. I can already picture myself getting Desiree crazy during her watches with those remote +1 and -1 buttons! 😉

For the new roll-bar, we have opted for a wind-solar hybrid system by Silent Wind. It will produce up to 850W total through a 450W wind generator and 4 x 100W mono-crystalline photo voltaic modules. The roll-bar will also include a pair of tackles to hoist the dinghy and house a 2nd VHF antenna, plus a Wi-Fi booster and the Navtex antenna. Here is a 3D rendering of it.


Stern roll bar with solar panels, wind generator, antennas and dinghy davits


Oh, I almost forgot… at the moment Kismet is totally “naked”! 🙂 Yes, you probably got it, we have decided to entirely replace the old and almost worn-out teak deck with a brand new one. This is definitely the most expensive item on our list, but once done Kismet should look absolutely stunning. More details about this in the next post (or maybe a video?) Stay tuned.

In the mean time we wish you all Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays, a great start to Year 2015 and, as always, fair winds and following seas!

With love,
Marco and Desiree
s/y Kismet

3 thoughts on “Kismet refit – Update 1

  1. Happy Holidays, hurry up an spend your money on Kismet so we can see more of your sailing travels……….good luck!

  2. What an amazing amount of work you are having done. I would love to do the same with our boat so we know everything is as perfect as we can make it. At least this year we are having the arch and solar panels fitted to make us more self sufficient.
    Loved the blog and the information on it.

    • Hi Mark,
      thanks for stopping by our blog! 🙂 We know that no boat is ever perfect, but we are happy about the changes and the improvements we are bringing to Kismet. Curious to know about the arch and the sales panels for Cygnus III. What are you going with? No wind gen, just solar? Fair winds!
      Marco and Desiree

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