Sailing in Croatia – Week 1

Let’s think back, how many things did we do until today? How many places did we visit? How many persons did we meet?
Again amazing! I will not go over every single one, but just the most important events.

We celebrated at “La Cambusa di Bacco” in Marina di Ravenna (I definitely recommend it – the night before our departure. Usually boats leave for the passage to Croatia in the evening or at night, but we planned to leave in the early morning instead and so we did. We crossed the Adriatic Sea for 80 miles with light winds and we arrived in Losinj around 8PM. We were not sure about the opening time of the Harbour Master and the Customs.

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Kismet sails to Venice

Friday April 18, 2014. It’s 4:45 PM and as I am writing this I am sitting at Kismet’s charting table, the boat heeled by 15 degrees. We are motor-sailing back to Marina di Ravenna. The Adriatic sea is flat and there is a light breeze. Kismet makes the best out of both and turns every small gust into a little more speed toward our destination, Marinara, also known as Touristic Harbour of Marina di Ravenna.

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