One million views and one million thanks!

Today we are celebrating another astonishing (at least for us!) milestone: Kismet Adventures’ YouTube channel just reached and surpassed 1 million total views! We are both amazed and flattered by all the love and dedication from our followers around the world. Thank you a million times for being so generous to us!

This is remarkably surprising when we consider that most of our viewers are from English speaking countries and we do not speak any word of Shakespeare’s language in most of our videos (ok, almost none of them). I guess being Italian has the advantage that, while talking, we also use the universal language of signs, making us somehow understandable by virtually everyone. Or, more plausibly, our viewers got accustomed to reading the English subtitles…

Either way, thank you very very much for following us on YouTube. We have new videos coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Buon vento! …oops… Fair Winds!,
Marco and Desiree

2,000 YouTube subscribers!

Kismet Adventures’ YouTube channel has reached and surpassed 2,000 subscribers. We are really grateful for all the love and passion from our followers out here.  Thank you! We hope you will keep sailing with us. More adventures coming your way soon! 🙂

Fair winds,
Marco and Desiree
s/y Kismet

Kismet refit – Update 2

Dear friends,

time flies, but not fast enough apparently! We miss Kismet a lot and we are looking very much forward to the day she will splash again. On the positive side, her refit is proceeding at full speed. At this point all the major decisions have been taken (ok, a couple maybe are still pending) and as the new parts and some “toys” start to come in, the money starts to flow out! Here a long deserved update on the status of the various restorations and improvements. What would you like first? The bad or the good news? Ok, ok… in no particular order…

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Kismet refit – Update 1

Dear sailing friends,
Can’t believe it! It’s already almost four months since Kismet entered the Pier 12 shipyard to be refitted.

Since then a lot has been accomplished and many items are already off the list, but the bulk of it is still ahead of us. We have received almost daily good and bad news (where bad = expensive), paid visit multiple times and even had the chance to do our modest share of work. We are confident that Kismet is in very capable hands and that she is taken good care of. Every time we receive a new picture or an update, we feel a little closer to the moment we will sail her again, when she will be back in the water looking more beautiful than ever!

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Sailing in Croatia – Week 1

Let’s think back, how many things did we do until today? How many places did we visit? How many persons did we meet?
Again amazing! I will not go over every single one, but just the most important events.

We celebrated at “La Cambusa di Bacco” in Marina di Ravenna (I definitely recommend it – the night before our departure. Usually boats leave for the passage to Croatia in the evening or at night, but we planned to leave in the early morning instead and so we did. We crossed the Adriatic Sea for 80 miles with light winds and we arrived in Losinj around 8PM. We were not sure about the opening time of the Harbour Master and the Customs.

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Kismet sails to Venice

Friday April 18, 2014. It’s 4:45 PM and as I am writing this I am sitting at Kismet’s charting table, the boat heeled by 15 degrees. We are motor-sailing back to Marina di Ravenna. The Adriatic sea is flat and there is a light breeze. Kismet makes the best out of both and turns every small gust into a little more speed toward our destination, Marinara, also known as Touristic Harbour of Marina di Ravenna.

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The joys of GMDSS

It has been some time since the last update. You may wonder what we are up to these days. Beside waiting for the long German winter to turn into a blossoming spring (hopefully any time soon!), we are busy working and studying for the GMDSS Long Range Certificate (see this post). With the day of the exam in Rome, set to April 8th, quickly approaching, we are studying all the regulations and practicing with the online simulators at

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Stress and Distress

Owning a boat brings some responsibilities along with it. One of them is being able to preserve the life of your crew members, your own, and being able to help other sailors near you if they are in trouble.

The new VHF radio we installed on Kismet, a Raymarine Ray240e, is equipped with a DSC (Digital Selective Call) system. This is often associated with the RED distress button on the device, but it turns out there is much more to the whole system than just pressing and holding it if you happen to be in danger.

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