Sailing in Croatia 2014 HD – Episode 6 – Salty and Fresh

Dear friends,
we are back with a new episode of Sailing in Croatia. As usual in HD and with English CC.

While the video was ready few days ago, we had to wait for YouTube to remove an undue copyright claim on a song we had actually licensed. This took few days, but here it is!

In this episode, after having gone through some rough weather, the sun is finally back over Croatia, but the wind almost disappears. Time to head toward Sibenik and go up the Krka river until it turns into a fresh-water lake, then back to the salty sea.

Please enjoy, like, comment and share. 🙂

With Love,
Marco and Desiree
s/y Kismet

Live Google map with locations/anchorages and link to the episodes here.


Sailing in Croatia 2014 – Map of anchorages

Some of you have asked for a map with the anchorages we stayed at while in Croatia. Here it is, each with a link to the Episode and the exact time it appears on screen (click on each marker to display). Not all anchorages we stayed at are shown, only those that appear in the videos. Will add more as we go, so feel free to bookmark this post and come back to visit it. Fair winds!

Marco and Desiree


Link to the live map

Sailing in Croatia 2014 HD – Episode 1 – Setting Sails

Dear Friends,

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 1000+ subscribers to our YouTube channel than releasing the first episode of a new video series Sailing in Croatia 2014.

The moment you leave the safety of the dock and venture out into the open sea is the moment of truth. Is the moment you discover if you and your boat are prepared for what is ahead of you.

Thank you very much to you all for your wonderful support. We know some of you but the majority we never met (yet). Still your messages, comments, likes and even your critiques make us feel like family. Keep them coming! 🙂

Fair winds and following seas,
Marco and Desiree
s/y Kismet

Sailing in Croatia – Week 1

Let’s think back, how many things did we do until today? How many places did we visit? How many persons did we meet?
Again amazing! I will not go over every single one, but just the most important events.

We celebrated at “La Cambusa di Bacco” in Marina di Ravenna (I definitely recommend it – the night before our departure. Usually boats leave for the passage to Croatia in the evening or at night, but we planned to leave in the early morning instead and so we did. We crossed the Adriatic Sea for 80 miles with light winds and we arrived in Losinj around 8PM. We were not sure about the opening time of the Harbour Master and the Customs.

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