Boot 2016 – Düsseldorf Boat Show

Happy Sunday!

Here is a special feature we just edited for you! No sailing this time (sorry). Instead we bring you along on a visit to the Boot 2016, aka the Düsseldorf Boat Show, the largest indoor sailing and water sports exhibition in the world. Enjoy!

With love,
Marco and Desirée


Shopping for Kismet

We love going to boat shows! This was our third year in a row to Düsseldorf, but this time it was different.

On our previous visits we spent most of the time in and out  of any sailing boat that raised our interest, mostly blue-water cruisers but also many Mediterranean boats. We wanted to check out as many as possible to understand what we liked in each one and what we didn’t. Despite the fact that Düsseldorf is a completely indoor boat show (yes, you read correctly, no water to float in!) it was fun to hop on a sailing boat and imagine how it would be to be at sea on it. Comments like “Look here, where would hold with a rough sea?” or “Can you imagine cooking here with the boat heeled?” or “Look, this is a smart solution!” went on throughout the day.

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Düsseldorf Boat Show 2014

Keeping up with the good tradition established over the past years, we will be visiting the Düsseldorf Boat Show this weekend!

We will be there for two days in a row, on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19, mostly looking at new sailing boats (not that we intend to replace Kismet), checking out some accessories and meeting with friends.

Anyone also going there who would like to get together for a chat or a stroll through the booths? Let us know!

Marco and Desirée