Boot 2016 – Düsseldorf Boat Show

Happy Sunday!

Here is a special feature we just edited for you! No sailing this time (sorry). Instead we bring you along on a visit to the Boot 2016, aka the Düsseldorf Boat Show, the largest indoor sailing and water sports exhibition in the world. Enjoy!

With love,
Marco and Desirée


Sailing in Croatia 2014 HD – Episode 6 – Salty and Fresh

Dear friends,
we are back with a new episode of Sailing in Croatia. As usual in HD and with English CC.

While the video was ready few days ago, we had to wait for YouTube to remove an undue copyright claim on a song we had actually licensed. This took few days, but here it is!

In this episode, after having gone through some rough weather, the sun is finally back over Croatia, but the wind almost disappears. Time to head toward Sibenik and go up the Krka river until it turns into a fresh-water lake, then back to the salty sea.

Please enjoy, like, comment and share. 🙂

With Love,
Marco and Desiree
s/y Kismet

Live Google map with locations/anchorages and link to the episodes here.


12 simple rules for a great sailing adventure

Dear friends,

once again it’s Friday! The day before the weekend starts. The day of the week when most can feel proud thinking of all accomplishments of the past days and those who did not manage to finish everything they had to do are rushing like crazy to get things done… But I am definitely digressing here.

Today we would like to share with you something we put together thinking of those who, new to sailing, are stepping on a boat for the first time or those who, a bit more seasoned, are  preparing to host onboard their beloved boat friends who have never sailed before. Is there anything like a sailing etiquette? Here is our view. Feel free to share and comment on, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Fair winds and tons of sailing love!
Marco and Desiree

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(Click on the image below for a larger version)

Kismet Adventures - 12 Simple Rules v1.0


One million views and one million thanks!

Today we are celebrating another astonishing (at least for us!) milestone: Kismet Adventures’ YouTube channel just reached and surpassed 1 million total views! We are both amazed and flattered by all the love and dedication from our followers around the world. Thank you a million times for being so generous to us!

This is remarkably surprising when we consider that most of our viewers are from English speaking countries and we do not speak any word of Shakespeare’s language in most of our videos (ok, almost none of them). I guess being Italian has the advantage that, while talking, we also use the universal language of signs, making us somehow understandable by virtually everyone. Or, more plausibly, our viewers got accustomed to reading the English subtitles…

Either way, thank you very very much for following us on YouTube. We have new videos coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Buon vento! …oops… Fair Winds!,
Marco and Desiree

Sailing in Croatia 2014 – Map of anchorages

Some of you have asked for a map with the anchorages we stayed at while in Croatia. Here it is, each with a link to the Episode and the exact time it appears on screen (click on each marker to display). Not all anchorages we stayed at are shown, only those that appear in the videos. Will add more as we go, so feel free to bookmark this post and come back to visit it. Fair winds!

Marco and Desiree


Link to the live map

2,000 YouTube subscribers!

Kismet Adventures’ YouTube channel has reached and surpassed 2,000 subscribers. We are really grateful for all the love and passion from our followers out here.  Thank you! We hope you will keep sailing with us. More adventures coming your way soon! 🙂

Fair winds,
Marco and Desiree
s/y Kismet