One million views and one million thanks!

Today we are celebrating another astonishing (at least for us!) milestone: Kismet Adventures’ YouTube channel just reached and surpassed 1 million total views! We are both amazed and flattered by all the love and dedication from our followers around the world. Thank you a million times for being so generous to us!

This is remarkably surprising when we consider that most of our viewers are from English speaking countries and we do not speak any word of Shakespeare’s language in most of our videos (ok, almost none of them). I guess being Italian has the advantage that, while talking, we also use the universal language of signs, making us somehow understandable by virtually everyone. Or, more plausibly, our viewers got accustomed to reading the English subtitles…

Either way, thank you very very much for following us on YouTube. We have new videos coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Buon vento! …oops… Fair Winds!,
Marco and Desiree